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Sleeping Mong :D

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Ya! Kwang Soo! Haha! :p

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Hot tempered MC :)

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Awards of Running Man 1/5: Song Ji Hyo

That moment when Running man lasted longer than your relationship :’)

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JiHyo and her younger sisters~

When they are hurt she hugs & comfort them despite her own situation
When they need encouragement she gives them a pat
When they need protection she will hold them by the hand
When they need the concern, unnie will take care of them first
When they are not getting filmed she will bring them out
That also includes the APink member, when she was hit by the ball, JiHyo was the first to give her comfort. Regardless of the haters, true fans know you care in your own little ways

Absolutely true

Mong Unnie is the sweetest :’)


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The best dance EVER! Hot issue. 5555

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Congratulations :)

Congratulations :)

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