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Jihyo volunteering to take the expected(?) leftover from the members, Sukjin

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Running Man’s August babies

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RM Filming 140923

Guests: Jo Jung Suk, Shin Min-ah
First half: All pink
Second halk:
Pink: Song JiHyo, Ji SukJin Yoo, JaeSuk, Lee KwangSoo, Shin Min Ah
Blue: Kim JongKook, Kang Gary, Ha DongHoon, Jo Jung Suk

Cr: everbrowncoffee, DCSJH, DCYJS

OMG at last Shin Min Ah as a guest. Go MIHO!!!! ^^



It had been reported at the beginning of the year that celebrity couple, Yeon Junghoon and Han Gain, were expecting their very first child. Unfortunately, BH Entertainment has revealed the couple had a miscarriage earlier in the year. 

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Jihyo promoting Emergency Man and Woman for J2 (HK Channel) (x)


NBA X SONGJIHYO Collaboration FW’14 - Cr: NBAStyleWeibo

The official HD photos should be out sometime soon~

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